Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aerobics tracklist

After years (read months, otherwise i wouldn't look like a roly-poly :)) ) of practising fitness, i realised that the only thing that gets me going is seeing other people suffer as much as i do. Going to the gym is a desperate measure, especially when i want to proceed some flirting rituals. And because i can't make money out of flirting, i'm not very interested in looking fit. :)) Plus, I have some traumas related to the gym i used to go to. Some girls would show up just to inform the humanity that going to the gym and sweating a little bit is on fashion , some would come to display their 'don't touch me, i'm precious' solarium-tan. Besides, the fitness trainer once fishily touched my bum, so indeed, i went for aerobics.
Everything was just fine, I could bear the tough programme, but under no circumstance was i to stand the bloody music: Scooter and Gigi D'agostino all the time ! Every single day, same cd... "i want to suck on your lollipop" was amongst the most appreciated, while my ears wished they could throw up.
Therefore, i've conceived my own aerobics tracklist, for those days i find myself in a severe and dubious desire to work out. Here it is:
1. Aphex Twin-Windowlicker
2. Unkle -Reign
3. Vitalic - La rock
4. Chemical brothers- Hey girl, hey boy
5. Lcd soundsystem-Tribulations
6. Junior Senior- Move your feet
7. Fatboy slim- Shakin' that ass
8. Daft punk-Aerodynamic
:D :D :d


Sunaina said...

deci nu-s singura care se aerobicizeaza pe Tribulations :)

LeMouton said...

ba cum sa nu! daca iti iese matele pana acolo, ce mai face o tribulatie...