Friday, October 06, 2006


Perhaps not Almodovar's best defining film, but always a great pleasure to watch. The colours, women beautifully captured in all angles, the music, the Spanish fondness of life...Almodovar deserves all the credits.
It's a fact,Penelope Cruz is a true actress only when acting in her mother-tongue ( ah well, except Woman on top :D). Also, it's wonderful to see Carmen Maura again-we last met in Mujeres al borde... and she's ageing elegantly.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely, not Almodóvar's best film :) I've found your post while I was doing a search on Carmen Maura, who used to work for TVE before becoming an Almodóvar girl. Do you know Joaquín Sabina? He has a precious song dedicated to Almodóvar and his girls: "Yo quiero ser una chica Almodóvar / Como la Maura, como Victoria Abril / Un poco lista, un poquitín boba / Ir con Madonna en una limousine..." Hope you can understand this in Spanish. ¡Hasta la vista!