Saturday, October 28, 2006

Can you keep a secret?

Could you ignore the fact that my funky-electro-sexy-snobbish-indie musical tastes are being attacked by the pretty loving sound of Corinne Bailey Rae? Yes, I myself, so sick of lovers spitting in my face, i'm watching her sweet-tops-curly-hair-birds-on-the ceiling videos...and i'm hypnotized! I myself, the one translating Peaches' Tent in your pants to all the male-whore virgins, I'm repeatedly pushing the play button! Embarassing!
This is her very cute site.
Who said that?
Oh, and what a gallery!
Who said that? It's my evil evil twin sister, i tell ya.

Knock!knock! Who's there? Seven. Seven who? Season seven, Gilmore Girls!!!!Huuuuuuray! I missed being gilmored.( and i hate the knock-knock jokes)


hiacint said...

season seven, when and where?(hooray)

LeMouton said...

Furat de pe utorrent, nu-ti pune nadejdea in tilivizor. Luke isi schimba sapca, dupa sase sezoane! Serialul devine un pic melodramatic. Dar fetele raman damn fine! :D

Anonymous said...

dar seria 6 oricum e slabuta rau, la fel cu 5...