Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Love, oranges and giggles

Today i was invited to this late-evening-but-not-quite-dinner meal at my friend's house, along with her boyfriend. She's been my friend for four years now, and she was my desk-mate at one time, until i decided i needed more male attention and i moved "in" with a boy (which was the smartest decision ever, i no longer clean the blackboard :)))

Anyway, she and her boyfriend are the most weatherproof and admirable couple i've ever met, both being very smart, witty and down-to-earth. It feels a bit strange to be a friend to a couple, especially for an I-am-single-and-coping-with-it-graciously person like me. :) I live under the impression that they've build this brick wall around them, leaving only a peep hole so people can still keep in touch, but today they've proved me wrong. :D

They awaited me with a well-thought plan, and as i rang the interphone they started peeling oranges. The wonderful smell invaded the entire staircase. Ah, it was so lovely! (they must really love me, i can feel it). Was that all, you ask? Why not at all, they served me the most delicious dish ever, which i'll write in Romanian, so you can all start dribbling. PASTE A LA ADELINA&CATA: paste sub forma de fundita,fierte chiar foarte bine (la mine se intaresc tot timpul) si un sos apetisant si satios facut din: rosii, ardei grasi, sunca, telemea, cascaval, masline, ceapa, usturoi si frunze de dafin. Ahhhh....Si la desert: banane,portocale,caise toate pisate frumusel cu frisca si ciocolata. The cute things, will i ever be able to repay them?

V-ati convins ca cineva pe lumea asta totusi ma place? Ca altfel nu s-ar fi obosit :))


andr33a said...

who doesn't luv milli? :*

jolienfant said...

Vai, Milli... Mi-ai facut o pofta cu spaghetele alea. Ador orice spaghete cu sos de rosii si dafin(btw, astea se numesc farfalle...mmm). Si daca mai vb mult si de portocale ma gandesc la Craciun