Friday, March 31, 2006

I love men from de 50s

Good job, Mr Clooney!You are one hell of a man! I really appreciated his Good night and good luck, as it proved to be a film of high standard and elegance. It is true, i don't know that much about CBS or American journalism during the 1950's, but it was a good start point. The directing technique was good, the actors more than great,and the music...just perfect. The one thing that bothered me, and this has nothing to do with the film, was the fact that women weren't emancipated enough during those times. They were either secretaries either the subject of polite conversation between men. Buuu...
I wonder why tv presenters today aren't as determined and as dramatic like in those times, but after all, television has become such a cannot-live-without aspect, that it would probably seem awkward to see Andreea Esca stressing certain words or expressing dangerous ideas.

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tonymichael2046 said...

good mr.C. :))