Thursday, March 30, 2006

Books, books, can't get enough of them

To my shame, the sheepish blog hasn't come up to everyone's expectations, as I failed to add any impressions on books or films. And so i'd like to quench my readers' thirst of culture and i shall begin with a Romanian book, recently purchased and read:Nu toata iarba e la fel, by Alain Gavrilutiu. I myself have biiig gaps in foreign literature in contrast with the Romanian one, but i chose to read it anyway, because it seemed to me that the book had the "Romanul adolescentului miop" flair upgraded.
To make a long story short, it's about Romania's years of recovery after the revolution, seen through the eyes of a semi-fucked-up rock teenager. Some stories aren't bad at all, some are really brutal. Sometimes the narrator amuses you, sometimes he pisses you off. Not an influential book, not a literature breakthrough. It's the kind of book that "confused" teenagers read and make an extreme cult for it, only because it mentions something about LSD, Nirvana, sex and so on. But for the faithful reader, it's probably a liberation from the constraints of traditional literature ( and a good way to improve your vocabulary)
If you have any opinions about today's Romanian literature, feel free to add a comment.

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ioana s. said...

You really arose my interest...cartea e structurata pe povestioare sau e pur si simplu un roman cu capitole si tot tacamu? Daca nu e prea mare, mi-o imprumuti si mie, pls?