Saturday, June 03, 2006


I'm really sorry, but i have to say it out loud...i got the ugliest earrings in the world. Ugly, ugly, ugly. And when looking at them with horror, it stroke me. There is an art in buying gifts, just like there's the art of conversation (someone wrote a book about it,some people should read it-now i'm being mean, i've also made mistakes). I know i'm saying things some people already know, but heck, maybe the anger will disappear with this post.
When you buy someone a gift for no reason, it's absolutely ok to buy something small&stupid.Yeah, yeah, it's the gesture that matters. Throw the little object in a drawer, make borsh with it, who cares?If you're rich and wanna please someone with a ridiculous gift,again,okey...
But when it's your 18th anniversary, man, you've got to think hard. I myself would throw up if i got the cliche pampers, baby toys and condoms. Luckily, i didn't get any of those, but the EARRINGS!!!(the more i look at them, the more..) Some may say that a stupid anniversary isn't of much importance, but for sure, looking back in time, they will regret having received a "grande putano" t-shirt, as an irony.
Come on people, don't give the money to someone who is said to know the birthday girl/boy. Think for yourselves. Go along in a group and buy a present. Vote for the present. And last but not least, ask the person what (s)he'd like as a gift.

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