Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Numbers and figures

Tomorrow's my birthday. And unlike other years, i have no frightening thoughts or outlooks on life. It's just..i don't know..I've simplified my system. What i feel for one instant is absolutely enough for the entire day. For instance, my ex-friend said "no problem" when i accidentally threw her notebook on the floor. Her calm voice was enough to assure me she'll eventually sink all that's been bad into oblivion.
My wishlist has also simplified: all i want is a solution to the tomato-face i've been having lately, since the temperature has gone sooo high. (prietenii stiu ca eu spun bullshit acum, eu fac liste intregi de ziua mea :))))

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Anonymous said...

Stim... si se tot pune tick la cate un element al listei :) LA MULTI ANI si in lumea virtuala!