Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yesterday I downloaded so much stuff,that i feel a bit giddy. Neither the fact that i stood all day in front of the computer dribbling, nor my counciousness of stealing have stopped me from searching more and more...I felt like a lion running after its naive gazelle. Nevertheless, let me share with you some Downloading Impressions:
-if you're looking for Air, you'll first have to go through masses of lists with "bairam"
-feel like listening to Uncut? It won't happen- but there's an impressive amount of uncut porn scenes for you to choose from
-trip hop is a (too) general term
-don't be overjoyed if u have finally found...jazzanova, for instance. First check the size of the folder. One song is never satisfying.
All being said, remember that sharing is what bonds people together.
I'll now go and start feeling miserable-it seems that only when being in pain, do you have abysmal thoughts. And we all want that, don't we?

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ZaZa said...

I will use your advice next time I download something, and I will sure write more than 'Air' so that words like bairam, British Airwaves or claireXX stay away. P.S.: Sharing less, missing more ;))