Sunday, February 05, 2006


Forgot how a semi-nerd, semi-shallow highschool girl behaved?Then chatch a glimpse of my blog, though i must warn you: don't expect anything too fancy or smart, i'm what i would call a REGULAR person.
Oh, and this reminds me:"no alarms and no surprises"
How can one not worship Radiohead?


britnic said...

well, somebody call karma police! :-)

de ce said...

asta e za veri fărst post?

PS: daca te-am surmenat prea tare sa-mi dai in cap! (dar cu blandete) :))

LeMouton said...

in mod oficial mi-ai parcurs tot blogul. da, e primul post, de pe vremea cand nu stiam cu ce se mananca bloggingul.jenant :))